Apex Legends Boosting

Take your Apex Legends account to the next level. Our boosters can quickly get you the badges, kills, wins, or levels that you deserve. With our comprehensive boosting options, a pro booster will help you achieve your goals the way you want. Unlock prestigious badges, skins, and cosmetics when you purchase an Apex Legends Boost. Sending in a boost request is quick and simple. Start by choosing which option suits you best.

Apex Legends Boost Options

Rank Boost
Apex Legends Boost Elite Wins
  • Earn most prestigious rewards in Apex Legends
  • Reach the rank you've always wanted to get
  • We keep going until we reach your desired rank
Elite Win Boost
Apex Legends Boost Elite Wins
  • We'll get you into Elite games and win them
  • Select Squad Carry to play on your account
  • Automatic discount applied on bulk orders
Badge Boost
Apex Legends Boost Badges
  • Get as many badges as you would like to earn
  • Set your choice for Legend specifc badges
  • Display your challenging badges to your friends
Kill Boost
Apex Legends Boost Kills
  • Choose number of kills earned on your account
  • Quick, Simple, & Reliable
  • You can pick the Legend, and even the preferred weapon type to use
Win Boost
Apex Legends Boost Wins
  • Select as many wins as you would like to get
  • Easy standard account boosts to win games fast
  • Choose Squad Carry to play with our boosters
Level Boost
Apex Legends Boost Levels
  • Put your current level in and your desired level
  • Quickly get loot from all the levels earned
  • Level up Battle Pass while using preferred Legend

We operate on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One) and have boosters working 24/7 across the globe. No matter where you are from, we are here to help. Send in your custom Apex Legends boost request and get matched immediately.

Buy Apex Legends boost

Our professional Apex Legends boosters are some of the best in the world. They specialize in hunting other players down, and efficently winning games. Their kill-death ratio, damage per game, and win percentage is extremely impressive. When they play on your account, you can be certain that they are doing incredible things.

When your Apex Legends boost is finished, your stats will be off the charts. Even if you purchased a Badge or Win boost, expect the amount of kills on your account to increase massively. If your boost was big enough, you may even have a stockpile of Apex Packs to open.

Top Performing
Apex Legends Boosters

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | PC | EU

Total Wins: 718

K/D: 6.2

ADR: 1946

"Former PUBG and Fortnite top ranked player. Over 2 years experience boosting in BR games."

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | X1 | US

Total Wins: 385

K/D: 5.7

ADR: 2320

"I'm the #1 Bangalore and #3 Wraith on Xbox. I get my boosts done right away everytime. Very quick rank boosts always"

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | PC | US

Total Wins: 523

K/D: 6.3

ADR: 1833

"Been boosting on Apex Legends since it came out. I like doing the badge boosts and will quickly get you any of them."

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | PC | OCE

Total Wins: 422

K/D: 4.5

ADR: 1898

"I hunt people down in Apex Legends. When I'm done with your boost, your stats will be insane and you'll be happy."

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | PS4 | EU

Total Wins: 676

K/D: 5.9

ADR: 2011

"I love boosting in Apex and even helping others play better. I would highly recommend getting a Squad Carry if you want to learn."

Apex Legends booster


Apex Legends | PC | EU

Total Wins: 833

K/D: 5.1

ADR: 2346

"Former CS:GO competitive player. I've been rank boosting in FPS games for years and am best at Apex Legends boosting."

Getting started with your Apex Legends boost is easy

We strive to make it as simple as possible to get connected with your professional booster. Once you send in a Apex Legends boost request, we immediately start looking for the right booster to help you achieve your goals.

Just select the boost type that you would like, and we will find you the best booster to complete it. You'll be notified when they are found and ready to begin. It's our responsiblity to make sure your boost will go smoothly. You don't even have complete your purchase until your booster is ready to go, so there is no reason not to send in your boost request right away.

Apex Legends Boost Support

Our Apex Legends boosting service is the very best

At boost.gg, our reputation for quick, reliable, and secure boosts is well known. We have years of experience giving quality boosts in all of the top competitive games. We make it a priority to make sure that our customers get the best service out there. Our 24/7 support is always available for any considerations you might have.

Apex Legends Boosting Support

We offer the most dynamic and customizable Apex Legends boosting service. We care about making sure your boost is personalized to you. No matter if you want achievement badges, kills, wins, or levels, we will always complete your request. We let you decide exactly how you want your boost to happen, and if you have any other special requests just contact us. We make it it easy to achieve your goals, reach a higher rank, and earn prestige in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Boosting FAQs

  • How long will my boost take?

    The time it takes to complete your Apex Legends boost may vary. It all depends on how big of an order it is. However, you can rest assured that our boosters work around the clock and make their #1 priority to get your boost completed.

    Most orders will be completed within a few hours. Achievement Badge boosts will be very quick, and if you just ordered one badge it will be done rapidly. If you purchased more than 30 wins, 300 kills, or 15 levels, it may take longer than a day to complete. Rank boosts may boost times may also vary when buying Apex Predator.

    No matter what, it will always be done as fast as possible. We value getting our customer's accounts back into their hands so that they can begin enjoying their new prestige in Apex Legends.

  • Can I play on my account during my boost?

    Under normal circumstances, we do not have a chance to allocate for you to play on your account. Our boosters rarely take any breaks, so there is simply no time for you to log on and play during your boost.

    However, if for any reason you do need to log on during your boost, all you need to do is contact us and let us know. We can pause your boost for as long as you like.

  • How is the price for my boost determined?

    It will all depend on the details of your boost. Smaller orders will generally have a lower cost associated with them. Boosts that are more easier to complete may have a lower price as well. For example, the achievement badge Long Shot will generally be cheaper than a more difficult badge like Rapid Elimination.

    We offer the cheapest Apex Legends boosting around, and you will not find high quality boosting for a better price. We may even have a sale going on, so always be sure to check!

  • Can I play with my booster?

    Yes! For our Apex Legends elite win or regular win boosting, you may purchase a Squad Carry. This will allow you to play with one or two of our famous boosting professionals. This is a fantastic way to learn and get better at Apex Legends.

    Very often our customers are so impressed by their Badge boost or Kill boost that they let us know that they want to play with them during a Squad Carry aswell.

  • Why choose boost.gg for my Apex Legends boosting?

    Our reputation for getting boosts done quickly and efficently is renowned. If you have come here due to a previous customer's recommendation, they will be able to vouch for how well their experience went with us.

    We are the only boosting organization who can reliabley get the most prestigious badges (4,000 damage and 20 kill game badges) in a short amount of time. Our Apex boosters really are the best in the world, and the numbers they put up show it.

  • How do Elite wins and Elite win boosting work?

    Whenever you place top 5 in a regular game of Apex Legends, your next game will be an Elite match. These matches tend to be more difficult to win, as the pool of enemies you'll go up against are better.

    Our boosters still make quick work of these Elite games, and will get you however many Elite wins you desire. There is also the option of a Squad Carry for Elite win boosting as well!

  • How does Rank Boosting work?

    Getting to the highest ranks in Apex Legends in easy with out rank boosting service. Simply put in your current rank, and then put in the rank you desire to be at. Prices for climbing in lower ranks is typically lower than climbing in higher ranks.

    Starting from the very bottom at Bronze IV? No problem, we'll rapidly get you out of the low ranks right away. And when you want to reach to highest ranks like Diamond and Apex Predator, we've got you covered. You can even request to go from Bronze to Apex Predator all at once!

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