Apex Legends Badge Boosting

Apex Legends Badge Boosting

Apex Legends is filled with a achievements that will earn you badges to show off to your friends. A player with many difficult to get badges on their Legend sheet will strike fear in their enemies. Badges are the premier status symbol in Apex Legends, and is the first thing people loot at when trying to grasp someone's skill level.

Read our Full List of achievement badges to see all of the ones that can be gotten in Apex Legends. We provide a complete description on what you need to do to unlock each badge. Some are account based, and if you earn them once you can put them on any Legend sheet. Others are Legend specific, and will require you to do for each Legend. A few badges also have several tier levels associated with them.

Some badges can be gotten quickly by a good player. You may have gotten two wins in a row and unlocked Hot Streak without even knowing it. However, some of these badges can be more difficult to earn than others.

Rapid Elimination requires you to down 4 enemies in rapid succession. This badge is a sure sign of a strong player. Some can be even harder. Legend's Wake requires you to kill 20 enemies in a single game. Only the best of the best will be able to do that. Getting a prestigious badge like this will make you the scariest opponent on King's Canyon.

Apex Legends badge boost

No matter how hard you try, you might not be able to unlock the badges you desire. That is why we provide Apex Legends badge boosting. Our professional boosters can quickly get whatever badge you desired by logging onto your account and completing them.

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is send in an request for our Apex Legends badge boosting service. It's as simple as selecting which achievement badges you would like to unlock. We'll also need to know what platform you play on so we find the right booster for you. We'll notify you at the email you put in when they are found.

Apex Legends badge boost request

If one or more of the badges you want is a Legend specific badge, you may put in the Legend that you want us to use. This also applies for tiered badges aswell. You may select the tier level that you would like to be unlocked with your badge boost. Note: If more than one badge is tiered, the tier level you set will apply to all of them.

Once your personalized Apex Legends badge boost looks good, go ahead and click submit. We will match you with the perfect booster that will get these done immediately.

We have Apex Legends boosters from across the globe, on all platforms, specializing in different Legends. Getting you matched up with the perfect booster is extremely important to us, so we developed a system to do this. It typically takes just a few seconds to get matched, but don’t like to wait, you can also wait for us to email you.

Apex Legends badge booster found

Once you've been notified, your booster is ready to get started. Now all that is left is to checkout. We accept all major Visa and Debit card providers. Once your payment information is provided, you will be prompted to give you account credentials over to your booster so that they can log onto your account right away.

We are ruthless when it comes to getting the kills and wins you need to get your badges complete. You can sit back and relax while we earn your desired achievement badges on your Apex Legends account. We'll notify you when your boost is complete.

Ready to unlock your desired achievement badges?