Apex Legends Kill Boosting

Apex Legends Kill Boost

One of the best ways to know how good a player is in Apex Legends is by looking at the number of kills they have. Only a true legend will have thouslands of kills, and it will make enemies fear you. A player with lots of kills on a certain Legend is sending a message to everyone else on the battlefield that they are the threat.

Unfortunately, getting such a high amount of kills can be a daunting task for any player. This is why we have our Apex Legends kill boosting service. Our blood-thirsty boosters are exceptionally good at earning kills. The amount of damage and kills our Apex Legends boosters put out is exceptional. By letting them play on your account, they can quickly earn these kills for you.

Apex Legends kill boost request

Sending an Apex Legends kill boost request is simple. It takes just a few seconds to fill out, and then we can find the best booster to get you the kills the way you want them. Start off by entering your email. We ask for this just to make sure you are notified when your booster is ready and when they are finished.

At boost.gg, we want you to have full control over the way you want your boost done. Now only can you select the amount of kills you want, you get other options as to how you want your booster to do it. Set a specific Legend to get them on, and we will find a booster that specializes in playing that particular Legend.

You may even choose the preferred weapon type for your booster to use. Your booster will attempt to prioritize using these weapons above others. This is because certain trackers keep information on what weapon type you kill with, and this may be important to you. We just want to give you full control with all the options.

Apex Legends kill boost weapons

Immediately after you submit your request, you'll be matched up with the booster who is ready to take on your boost request. This will likely take just several seconds, but if you don't like to wait, we will also email you as well.

Apex Legends kill booster Found

Once your booster has been found, all you need to do is finish up payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards. After your payment information has been entered, you will be prompted to give your login credentials to your booster so that they can get started on your Apex Legends kill boost right away.

Apex Legends boost kills complete

Now you can relax as all of the kills you ordered are earned on your account. Our boosters are ruthless, and are known for completeing Apex Legends boosts quickly. Not only will you get your kills, but all of your other metrics such as K/D and damager per game will be signicantly increased aswell.

It's alwaus a great idea to distinguish yourself by getting an extremely high amount of kills on your account.s Don't miss this chance to reach your goals.

Ready to get kills in Apex Legends?