Apex Legends Level Boosting

Apex Legends Level Boost

Leveling up in Apex Legends is the key to unlocking loot and achieveing a higher status. There is 100 regular account levels, and as you progress through them you will earn Apex Packs. With the addition of the Battle Pass system, getting wins and leveling up is more important than ever.

Every season has exlusive Battle Pass loot that can only be gotten during it. This means there is a limited time frame to get your exlusive loot. However, each season brings with it 100 new levels to go through. You may find it hard to complete all the levels in the small amount of time. Even with efficent Battle Pass leveling, it can still be a slow process if you do not have a ton of time on your hands.

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Luckily, we have boosters that are prepared to do the leveling for you. Our accomplished boosters quickly rack up kills and win games, and this nets them experience quickly. Our Apex Boosters are able to level up with 3-4x the speed of a normal player.

At boost.gg, we think that all players should be able to get the loot that they want. With our Apex Legends level boosting service, you'll be able to level both your account and your Battle Pass in no time.

Getting started with our Apex Legends boosting is always a breeze. All you have to do is send in a level boost request and fill out a quick form. There, you can give us the information we need to find the right booster to get you to your desired level quickly. You'll be asked to enter your email, but we will only use this to notify you when your booster is found.

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Select which type of leveling you want this to be for. Your account will technically be leveled with your Battle Pass boost, but for our purposes it is important to distinguish which one you want to use as your starting and ending level. Based on the level range you entered, the price will be shown at the bottom. Don't worry though, you do not have to pay just yet.

Right after you submit your request, we will match you up with the perfect booster. This will usually be instant, but if we are especially busy than it could be a few minutes. This page will show the status, and if the right booster is available to get started, you will be able to proceed. If you don’t like to wait, than you can also wait for us to email you.

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All thats left to do with your Apex Legends level boost is to finish up payment. We accept all major credit and debit cards. Once the boost has been paid for, you will be asked to enter your credentials so that your booster can log on and start leveling you up.

Now you can relax as your account is leveled up. While this happens, your wins and kills will go up tremendously. All of your accounts metrics will be raised significantly, because our Apex Legends boosters are some of the best in the entire world.

When your boost has been finished, you'll have tons of Apex Packs to open and exclusive loot to show off to your buddies. If you've selected to boost your way up to level 100, take comfort in the knowing that you will not be missing out on any rare skins or rewards for that season.

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We make the process of getting an Apex Legends level boost as simple and straightforward. Our professional boosters know how to grind to the ranks at the blazingly fast speeds. They work around the clock to get your account back to you with your boost completed as soon as possible. Don't miss this great opportunity to become legendary.

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