Boost Your Battle Pass Leveling in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Battle Pass Boost

Ever since Season One started, people have been trying to figure out how they can maximize their efficency when grinding for levels with the new Battle Pass System in Apex Legends. At 29,500 experience per level, it can be a daunting task to reach the maximum level of 100 in just a single season. Some of the rewards make the leveling grind worth it, and those who put in the time will be greatly rewarded with epic loot like the Harvest R-301 Skin and the Golden Idol Havoc Skin. Those few who do make it to level 100 will also get a special Season One badge that can never be gotten again in the future.

Now is the time to try and get some exclusive loot for Season One. Apex Legends is bound to be a game that will stand the test of time, and you don't want to be regretting not earning the items that are avaliable only this season. However, going at leveling without utilizing good techniques will make the grind last forever. There are certain things you should be doing to speed up the rate at which you level up your Battle Pass. Here is a full breakdown of what you need to do to maximize your Battle Pass leveling per week.

Apex Legends Battle Pass Leveling Guide

As you can see, there is a lot you can be doing to maximize the efficency of your leveling. Depending on how much time you have per day, you will need to find an approach to suit you best. If you only have time for 5-10 games per day, than these techniques are going to be particularly suited to help you level up your Battle Pass.

Every day when you play Apex Legends, you'll want to play a match on each Legend atleast once. This is so that you can get the First Kill of the day on each legend bonus. This adds up quickly, as all it takes is one kill per legend and you can quickly run through all the legends and do them all (yes, that means even playing Gibraltar).

If you do not have a lot of time to play, you will want to play as aggresively as possible to get these kills quick. Drop into Skull Town and pickup some quick kills, even if you have to punch them to death. Doing this, we were able to get the First Kill bonus on every legend in under an hour. If that's all you have time for, then you can be done for the day. If you still want to play, than just make sure you play on a legend where you haven't gotten all of the Survival Time bonus used.

Doing this have you quickly grinding through the levels of your Battle Pass. Here is a complete list of what you'll be unlocking in Season One:

Battle Pass Level Reward Free Reward
1 Revolutionary Lifeline Skin, Outlaw Mirage Skin, Survivor Wraith Skin -
2 Harvest Triple Take Skin Apex Pack
3 Wraith Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
4 Patchwork Hemlock Skin Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Wins
5 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
6 Opening Season Bangalore Quip Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Wins
7 50 Apex Coins -
8 Bloudhound Tracker - Season 1 Kills Wraith Tracker - Season 1 Wins
9 Navigator Prowler Skin -
10 Wild Frontier Level Badge Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Wins
11 50 Apex Coins -
12 BP Point Boost: +5% survival time as BP per squad member. Apex Pack
13 Funny Bones Mirage Frame -
14 Navigator Longbow Skin Bloudhound Tracker - Season 1 Wins
15 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
16 Opening Season Mirage Quip Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Wins
17 50 Apex Coins -
18 Flight Risk Octane Frame Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Wins
19 Patchwork Spitfire Skin -
20 Wild Frontier Level Badge Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Wins
21 50 Apex Coins -
22 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Octane Tracker - Season 1 Wins
23 Silk Road Wraith Frame -
24 Navigator Mozambique Skin Apex Pack
25 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
26 Epic Apex Pack Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Damage
27 Season Opening Pathfinder Quip -
28 Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Kills Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Damage
29 Harvest Kraber Skin -
30 Wild Frontier Level Badge Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Damage
31 50 Apex Coins -
32 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Bloodhound Tracker - Season 1 Damage
33 Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
34 Patchwork EVA Skin Apex Pack
35 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
36 Opening Season Caustic Quip Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Damage
37 50 Apex Coins -
38 Caustic Tracker - Season 1 Kills Octane Tracker - Season 1 Damage
39 Navigator Flatline Skin -
40 Wild Frontier Level Badge Wrath Tracker - Season 1 Damage
41 50 Apex Coins -
42 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. Mirage Tracker - Season 1 Damage
43 Apex Pack -
44 Patchwork Alternator Skin Pathfinder Tracker - Season 1 Damage
45 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
46 Opening Season Gibraltar Quip Apex Pack
47 50 Apex Coins -
48 Gibraltar Tracker - Season 1 Kills Messenger Octane Skin
49 Harvest Peacekeeper Skin -
50 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
51 Thrill of the Hunt Prowler Skin -
52 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
53 Apex Pack -
54 Harvest Devotion Skin -
55 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
56 Opening Season Wraith Quip -
57 100 Apex Coins -
58 Octane Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
59 Patchwork Mastiff Skin -
60 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
61 Pick Me Up Lifeline Frame -
62 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
63 100 Apex Coins -
64 Harvest P2020 Skin -
65 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
66 Opening Season Bloodhound Quip -
67 100 Apex Coins -
68 Lifeline Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
69 Patchwork Havoc Skin -
70 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
71 Nock Down Bloodhound Frame -
72 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
73 Apex Pack -
74 Harvest R99 Skin -
75 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
76 Open Season Octane Quip -
77 100 Apex Coins -
78 Bangalore Tracker - Season 1 Kills -
79 Navigator Wingman Skin -
80 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
81 Land of Giants Gibraltar Frame -
82 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
83 Apex Pack -
84 Patchwork RE-45 Skin -
85 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
86 Legendary Apex Pack -
87 100 Apex Coins -
88 Slaughterhouse Caustic Frame -
89 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
90 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
91 Building Bridges Pathfinder Frame -
92 BP Point Boost: +2.5% survival time as BP per squad member. -
93 Apex Pack -
94 Patchwork G7 Scout Skin -
95 Wild Frontier Level Badge -
96 Open Season Lifeline Quip -
97 100 Apex Coins -
98 Sharpened Senses Bangalore Frame -
99 Harvest R-301 Skin -
100 Wild Frontier Level Badge, The Silver Horn Havoc Skin, The Golden Idol Havoc Skin, Season 1 Badge -

There is a whole lot to be earned in your journey through the 100 Battle Pass levels in Apex Legends. For a lot of people, there simply isn't enough time though. If you are struggling to get to 100, or just want the process to go faster, we recommend getting an Apex Legends Boost that will have your account leveled quick. The fastest way to level will always be winning games and getting massive amounts of kills. Our professional boosters specialize in doing this, and your account will be done with the Battle Pass in no time.

No matter how you go at it though, just make sure your having fun and playing with friends. At levels 12, 22, 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82, and 92, this bonus becomes ever greater. Not only is there a significant boost for playing with squadmates, but you'll also enjoying the grind more. It will go by much quicker if you are enjoying it with other people. It's a long journey to reach the top, but it certainly is worth it.

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