Rank Boosting To Increase Performance

Boost Gaming Perfomance

One of the most popular questions our boosters get asked is, "How can I become a better player?" The truth is, there is no one secret that can turn you into a better player overnight. In every competitive game, there is multitude of skills that need to be honed for you to reach the upper echelon on play. To be great, you need to work on mechanical skill, high level objective thinking, team coordination, technical prowess, and intelligent decision making.

You can sit in a private match and practice your mechanics all day. You can you go into a ranked match at your skill level and try to coordinate with your disorganized team. You can even try to think through different scenarios and work on your decision making. But this is all time-consuming, tedious, and not very effective. It’s inefficient to try and improve each skill at once. The key question really becomes: How can I improve all of these skills at the same time?

Different Skills

There is something unexpected that has been working to improve players. One thing we’ve been noticing at boost.gg is that after receiving a boost, players improve significantly. Across the board, their metrics go up. For example, in League of Legends, players who purchased a boost saw a 9% increase in gold per minute, 13% increase in damage dealt per game, and a staggering 31% increase in kill participation. As it turns out, this is the answer to how you can improve all your skills at once.

Rank Boost

There is something you might be asking yourself right now. Why would receiving a boost make you such a better player? The key is that after your account has had a rank boost, you get matched up with better players. These better players lead to an increase in game quality and make your decisions more impactful. If you are underperforming in a certain skill, it becomes apparent quickly and you immediately know how to become better.

Compare this to the original pre-boosted games, where your weaknesses will be hidden due to everyone else underperforming. Before receiving a rank boost, games tend to be chaotic and one-sided. It is not uncommon for a low level game to be filled with toxic players, leavers, AFKers, and feeders. This will artificially throw off how well you think you are doing, and lead to a high variance in play that prevents improvement. The good news is that once you’ve boosted your rank, these problems tend to go away.

Rank Distribution

Better quality games allow players to focus on improvement. This is actually a well-known phenomenon in Sports. If you want to train someone to be a better player, you increase the class of the competition. This forces them to adapt and learn off what the superior players are doing. Initially they might struggle, but the end result is that the player increases all the relevant skills to be competitive at this higher level of play.

The key takeaway is this: If you want to become a better player, do everything in your power to increase the quality of the people around you. Surrounding yourself with better competition will allow you to achieve a higher level of skill. In competitive video games, the only way to match with better players is to increase your rank. Luckily, there is an easy to way to do so. Simply send in a request for a boost. The higher the rank you get boosted to, the more you’ll improve. At boost.gg, we want help you become the best player you can be.

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