League of Legends Elo Boosting

Take your League of Legends account to the next level. Our boosters can quickly raise your Elo and help you get to the rank you deserve. From our large selection of boosting options, a pro booster will get you to that next division, or get more wins on your account. Sending in a boost request is a straightforward process. Start by choosing which option suits you best.

League of Legends Boost Options

Division Boost
League of Legends Boost Elo
  • We keep going until we reach your desired rank
  • Set which role you would like to prefer us to use
  • The best way to get out of Elo hell and start climbing toward higher ranks
League of Legends Boost Placements
  • Get a high rank right at the start of the season
  • 80% winrate guaranteed or your money back
  • The most cost-effective option to get and maintain a high Elo easily
Duo Boost
League of Legends Boost Duo
  • Play with our boosters as they carry you to victory
  • A great choice to learn from your booster and improve your play
  • Choose which role you like to play the most and we'll adapt
Win Boost
League of Legends Boost Wins
  • Select as many wins as you would like to get
  • Perfect if you just want to try out a boost with us for the first time
  • We win games with over an 80% winrate everytime

Choose from the classic division boost, or any of our other options. We operate around the globe and are present on all the major regions. No matter where you are from, we are here to help. Send in your custom League of Legends boost request and get matched immediately.

Buy League of Legends boost

Our professional League of Legends boosters are among the top performers on their respective servers. Not only do the maintain a prestigious rank over Master/Challenger on their main accounts throughout the season, but they specifically tailor their playstyle to rapidly win games on other players' accounts as well.

Unlock all of the prestigious seasonal items and loading screen banner when you reach the Elo you want. When your League of Legends boost is finished, your stats will be off the charts. You'll love the huge spike in kills per game, damage per game, and kill-death ratio that we achieve. But most importantly, you'll be satisfied with your new Elo that was earned on your account.

Top Performing
League of Legends Boosters

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | EU

Boosts Complete: 30

Winrate: 86%

Main Role: Top

"Main account has been chall since S6. I love boosting on the side though. People are usually very satisfied with how fast I get them done."

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | NA

Boosts Complete: 66

Winrate: 82%

Main Role: ADC

"Been a LoL booster since Season 4. Can carry games in any elo easily. Can also jungle really well. Let us know if you want your boost streamed."

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | OCE

Boosts Complete: 51

Winrate: 79%

Main Role: Mid

"Been in the OCE eSports scene for a long time, but I prefer boosting when I am not doing that. I can do them really quick."

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | KR

Boosts Complete: 23

Winrate: 85%

Main Role: Jungle

"I very strong player I get you ranked up quick and you be very happy"

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | NA

Boosts Complete: 18

Winrate: 88%

Main Role: Mid

"Really experienced League of Legends booster. I been boosting for years now, and have streamed multiple unranked to challenger grinds"

League of Legends booster


League of Legends | EU

Boosts Complete: 31

Winrate: 81%

Main Role: Top

"I love boosting in League and even helping others play better. I would highly recommend getting a duo boost if you want to learn."

Get started with your LoL boost today

We strive to make it as simple as possible to get connected with your professional booster. Once you send in a League of Legends boost request, we immediately start looking for the right booster to help you achieve your goals.

League of Legends Elo Boost

Just select the boost type that you would like, and we will find you the best booster to complete it. You'll be notified when they are found and ready to begin. It's our responsiblity to make sure your boost will go smoothly. You don't even have complete your purchase until your booster is ready to go, so there is no reason not to send in your boost request right away.

The best choice for your League of Legends boost

At boost.gg, our reputation for quick, reliable, and secure boosts is known around the world. Our boosters are professionals that get the results you want. They specialize in carrying games no matter what the Elo range is. From bronze to diamond, winrates of 80%+ are the standard for us. We have years of experience giving quality boosts in all of the top competitive games. We make it a priority to make sure that our customers get the best service out there. Our 24/7 support is always available for any considerations you might have.

League of Legends Elo Boosting

We offer the most dynamic and customizable League of Legends boosting service. We care about making sure your boost is personalized to you. No matter if you want a quick Elo boost, a placement boost to get you on the right track, or even a duo boost to help you improve, we will always complete your request. We let you decide exactly how you want your boost to happen, and if you have any other special requests just contact us. We make it it easy to achieve your goals and earn prestige in League of Legends.

League of Legends Boosting FAQs

  • How long will my boost take?

    The time it takes to complete your League of Legends boost may vary. It all depends on how big of an order it is. However, you can rest assured that our boosters work around the clock and make their #1 priority to get your boost completed.

    Most orders will be completed within a few hours or few days. Simple Placement matches will get done by the end of the day. Where as a boost from Iron to Diamond is going to take quite a bit longer. However, you rest assured that we work around the clock to get you your rank.

    No matter what, it will always be done as fast as possible. We value getting our customer's accounts back into their hands so that they can begin enjoying their new rank in League of Legends.

  • Can I play on my account during my boost?

    Under normal circumstances, we do not have a chance to allocate for you to play on your account. Our boosters rarely take any breaks, so there is simply no time for you to log on and play during your boost.

    However, if for any reason you do need to log on during your boost, all you need to do is contact us and let us know. We can pause your boost for as long as you like.

  • How is the price for my boost determined?

    It will all depend on the details of your boost. A boost from just Silver to Gold is going to be cheaper than a boost from Bronze to Gold. The lower the Elo, the lower the price. Diamond+ will be a bit more expensive generally, but still a fantastic deal.

    We offer the cheapest League of Legends boosting around, and you will not find high quality boosting for a better price. We may even have a sale going on, so always be sure to check!

  • Can I play with my booster?

    Yes! For our League of Legends win boosting, you may purchase a Duo Boost. This will allow you to play with one or two of our famous boosting professionals. This is a fantastic way to learn and get better at League of Legends.

    Very often our customers are so impressed how smoothly their Elo boost went that they let us know that they want to play with them during a Duo Boost aswell.

  • Can I watch the games as my booster plays?

    Absolutely. We recommend using a trusted match viewing service like op.gg where you can view games live. This is also a good way to keep up with your match history and see how your booster is performing.

    You may also make a request to have your boost streamed as well. Just contact us and we'll see what we can do!

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